The labor market is in constant change. Search techniques and job descriptions are adapted according to the existing demand in the market. What does not change is the interview.

This represent the procedure that every candidate has to go through. A representative from the company you applied will contact you for an interview.

This is an important step in your career. Here’s what you have to know:

1. CV and Cover letter are the most important things for a future employee.

The CV must contain relevant information about your experience. Attention to details, arranging information in the document and your experience are relevant for the selection for an interview. Every detail counts: from the basics to the layout on writing a CV. It’s basically a reflection of yourself based on which potential employers choose to interview you.

2. Inform yourself about new trends in the labor market. Be in constant development.

By developing several platforms jobs, both employers and future employees can access information about available vacancies.
It is important to have an online activity on platforms like LinkedIn. More and more employers have switched to this mode of recruiting, namely through social platforms. The advantages of the platforms like LinkedIn are: updates on the labor market, career opportunities, and easy access to information about more jobs.

3. Your online activity is important. The employer is forming an opinion of you according your actions.

Given the advanced technology, many of us are very active in the online environment. When you work in a certain field or you want a particular career, you have to be very careful about the kind of activities you advertise online, so you have to be discreet with your personal life and with your daily activities. Employers have access to data easier about the candidate, they can make an opinion before they know you.

4. Apply only to jobs that match your skills and desires.

The most important thing when you apply for a job is to requisite employer. Do not apply to the jobs if you not correspond to the profile. Check if the job is active, do not send emails that will not be answered if this is not mentioned in the job description.

5. The information is the key to get the job that you want.

Interview preparation is another important step in getting a job. When you set an interview, you need to inform yourself about the activity of the company, to have knowledge about the type of questions that will be asked. Go prepared for any tests. They are very common now in the labor market. Find out the location details and type of interview.

6. Another important factor in getting an interview is body language.

According to experts, the body language is an important factor in getting a job. Most often, many candidates do not feel comfortable during an interview, so you have to be sure how you express yourself. Gestures, movements, facial expressions and language used are important factors during an interview.

7. Be professional! Good manners matter during the meeting.

When you go for an interview, you have to take care of your outfit. Dress suitable and also convenient for you. Do not try to impress because sometimes you can become embarrassed if you do not feel good about yourself. You have to expect to be stretched hand to get acquainted all the time. Wait to be invited to sit down. Good manners are often “forgotten” their cause is that you can’t control your emotions. Be calm and patient, listen to everything they say to you and respond when they have finished to ask questions.

8. Punctuality has become a debated topic because many candidates fail to adapt to demands.

To be punctual you must look out for location address . Do not try to impress by reaching much earlier. Your earlier arrival can influence the program of the person / people you have set the interview. It is recommended that you arrive 5 minutes, maximum 10 minutes early to allow time to announce the reception. Don’t be late! Very important criterion. Excuses are not welcome, it is your duty to be punctual.

9. Objectivity and discretion are the elements that matter during an interview.

Try to short answer personal questions, do not anchor in the past for the risk to get lost in unnecessary details. Discuss your previous jobs only when needed, being very succinct and diplomatic. Not reveal the reasons for leaving or dropping the previous post because often are questions that reveal your personality, recruiters manage to form an opinion about you.

10. Explain things during the interview. If you feel you do not own enough information, ask!

If you feel that you have understood what the job involves ask for more information if you have questions. As clearly and concisely explain your desire not to create confusion later. At the end of the interview, thank them for their time, recruiters take into account all these elements when taking the decision.

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