About us

Premier Global is a forward-looking British-Romanian HR Consultancy company, with an outstanding understanding of updated instrument and techniques of Assessment, Coaching and Recruitment and a great appreciation of our clients culture and needs.


All Premier Global Services are tailored to specific client needs and are always delivered in an entertaining, professional, interactive and informative environment giving maximum and relevant impact to people and teams at all times and ensuring greater profitability and people effectiveness.


We have Top Consultants with international experience in Europe, Middle East, Asia and America, capable to provide Recruitment, Assessment and Coaching services at the highest standards, operating in a flexible and energetic way.


Premier Global is established on a set of values shared unanimously by our team members which are shaping our characteristics, behaviours and organizational culture.


Transparency and Integrity are fundamental in our relationship with people, either clients, colleagues, partners or other stakeholders. Business ethics and people ethics are fundamental for us and we strongly consider an organization is powerful only when no compromises are made and integrity is chosen in the detriment of short-term profitability. We will always treat problems with accountability and openness and we will choose to expose only the truth, no matter of the situation.

Clients Relationship

We perceive the relationship with our clients as a bilateral relationship, based on mutual trust and long-term orientated. We will always try to go beyond our clients` needs and, offering solutions above their expectations in an efficient manner. Our clients benefits from a enhanced attention from us, strengthening a consultant-client relationship in a relationship between two partners.

Team Spirit

Premier Global International Team sustains diversity and the multitude of benefits it could bring to an organization. Each member of the team truly feels a component part of the team, teamwork being encouraged as well as sharing knowledge and experiences. Our team members are supportive with each other and we work in a relaxed and tensioned free environment, right for an enhanced performance.


No matter of clients` needs, our experience and our expertise enable us to provide our solutions with a high level of flexibility, making possible to adapt the resources to our client`s needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


No matter is about the commitments to clients, colleagues or partners, our people will always keep their promises and they will not alter in any way the obligations assumed for accomplishment. The passion for what we do in conjunction with intensive focus of satisfying client`s needs, allows us to supply added value to our services.


We respect the society and community in which we are activating. Our entirely activity comply with principles and ethical norms of the community. We wish only what is beneficial for society and we try every time when we have the opportunity to offer to community what we are able to provide through our expertise and our resources.


About Us

Premier Global is a forward-looking British-Romanian HR consultancy company with strong international experience in providing Recruitment, Assessment, and Coaching services to important multinational companies.

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