Air Operations Manager

Minimum Requirements

1. International aviation industry experience in Flight Operations / Flight Dispatch / Air Ops Planning (minimum 2 years).

2. Knowledge of aviation basics: Air Law & General Operating Procedures, Aircraft Operations & Flight Planning, Meteorology & Navigation, Principles of Flight & Communications.

3. Knowledge of Middle Eastern area of flight operation (including “hot” countries) is an advantage.

4. Reliability, punctuality and ability to work under pressure.

5. Within the role you will liaise directly with our customers, flight crew and senior management, requiring above average communication and interpersonal skills.

6. Fluent in English.

Duties Performed

Compile flight schedules alongside Air Operators, as well as various daily reports (flights/cargo flown, etc).

Oversee all air operations activity related to its hub on the daily basis to ensure missions run smoothly and effectively.

Report all safety issues to the Senior Station Manager and to the HQ Q&S Dept.

Coordinate all the company’s Afghanistan-inbound flights (wide-body/fixed-wing aircraft);.

Keep up interagency liaison between SilkWay and military airfield management, air operators, ground operations manager, HQ Air Ops Dept. and other personnel and agencies as necessary.

Assist the Ground Operations Manager and the Senior Station Manager in their duties as needed.

Location: Afghanistan

If you would like to apply for this position, please feel free to send your English CV to with the mention “Air Operations Manager” in the email title.