Area Operator

Minimum Requirements

1. Completion of Technical Secondary Education (12 years) or ATI graduate or equivalent technical diploma.

2. 5 years of operational experience in the Oil & Gas industry.

3. Fair knowledge of written and spoken English, with ability to communicate clearly and concisely on plant radio or other communication means.

Purpose and Scope

To carry out pre-commissioning and commissioning activities on shift of the IGD Trains as per setup procedures under the supervision of the Senior Operator in coordination with the commissioning team and Contractor/Vendor to ensure safe commissioning.

Post commissioning – operates the plant equipment on shift under the supervision of the field senior operator and as directed by the shift supervisor in the control room. This includes starting up, shutting down safely and competently, monitoring, logging and recording readings, identifying and reporting defects on all plant in the defined area.

The facilities have three identical trains with a Common utility area as follows: HAP IGL receiving and separation, Feed gas units facilities with, glycol dehydration units, Amine gas treating unit facility, air/nitrogen compressors with complete unit facilities, pipeline pig receiver facility and flares facilities.

Duties Performed

Checks, operates and observes all activities/situations on plant equipment within the defined area of duty, under the supervision of the Senior Operator.

Participates to provide flexibility for labour in the other areas and covers the duties of the senior operator (field) when required. Monitors by observation/routine patrol all activities on plant including the safe behaviour of colleagues, other department personnel and contractors.

Logs and records all running plant parameters. Reports back giving detailed information of any abnormalities defects and perform first line diagnostics on equipments.

Prepares equipment using established detailed procedures in the area for maintenance and major overhaul. Liaises with maintenance staff for safe monitoring of permits to work, prior to commencing/completion and during on going work.

Maintains a clear detailed log book of all activities, plant conditions and defects, etc and gives precise handover information in his job relief.

Carries out routine checks on plant lubricating oil levels/ water contamination, flows and temperatures for all rotating equipment and takes samples for laboratory analysis.

Maintains adequate supplies on consumable chemicals and filter elements, etc. for plant requirements, good housekeeping practices in the area and observes acceptable levels of risk perception.

Carries out operational preparation on equipment prior to release for maintenance. Supervises and authorises work on his assigned area by ensuring proper implementation of permit to work instructions.

Observes to have thorough knowledge of ESD systems associated with his defined are of duty.

Ensures the application of permit to work conditions by observing and monitoring safe work practices.

Maintains a high standard of HSE awareness, particularly the environment concerns and adheres fully to safety rules, and participates in safety training /exercise.

Provides “hands on job” type of training and coaching for all UAE Developees as assigned to him

Carries out other similar or related duties such as participating in plant emergency exercise and performs as first line attack on fires or leaks,etc


Reports to the Senior Operator.Work according to standard procedures and specialized method. Work is spot checked by Senior Operator.