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Discovering and developing your people`s strengths and weaknesses. Do you know which of your managers are the top performers? Do you know which of your staff have the potential to be top managers? Do you know the areas of potential for your high flyers and what development needs they have?


All these questions can be answered through a Premier Global Top Management Assessment Centre. This technique puts participants through a series of simulations and tests and assesses the extent to which they have the knowledge and skills to be successful managers.

Assessment Centres are used for assessing candidates for promotion, potential new entrants as well as giving managers an understanding of the areas their subordinates need to develop in order to be truly successful leaders in the organisation.

Premier Global Assessment Centre measures the following capabilities:







A number of different techniques are used in the centre to measure these attributes. These are: Competency-based Interviews,Case Study, In-tray Exercise, Meeting Simulation, Presentation, Psychometric Testing, etc.

The Assessment Centre takes place over 2 days and each participant is measured separately on each attribute. The scores are combined to give an overall grading, representing each participant’s capability in relation to other managers and potential managers from Bucharest or from other major locations in Romania or anywhere in the world.

Each participant is given a 1 ½ hour feedback session, in which they are told how well they have done, in what criteria they have shown a strong capability and in which ones they need development. Advice is given to each participant on how they can improve their capability.

A copy of each report is also given to each participant’s manager, outlining the suggested next steps to be taken for each participant as well as an overall evaluation as to how effective they are likely to be in their organisation.


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