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Premier Global provides professional Coaching services, our team having an extraordinary experience offering Coaching services at the highest standards of performance, both in Romania and internationally.

Coaching is a series of intensive one to one sessions which are designed to radically improve performance, increase knowledge or develop skills. Since it is a one to one process, the learning can be targeted specifically to the participant’s own circumstances. This means that extremely fast and impressive results are often observed from a coaching programme.

Coaching does not just mean that the teacher talks and the participant listens. It is a dynamic process which uses a range of techniques to enable action-centred learning to take place. The participant learns by doing and through practice more than through classroom type teaching.

The following are examples of areas which can be enhanced through Coaching:







Executive Coaching: This is where a coaching programme has been started by the participant’s manager. It can be used as a fast-track process to develop high-flyer executives or to deal with a specific issue for top executives. Progress meetings between the participant, coach and the participant’s manager to monitor progress is a common feature.

Career Coaching: Designed specifically for executives who want to progress their careers, this is usually a confidential one to one relationship between the participant and their coach. By focusing on what the participant’s wants to achieve from their career, the process removes obstacles to career success and helps individuals to achieve the most of their potential.

Personal Coaching: This process is for an individual who feels that they need personal coaching in a specific area. Typically, it may be to enhance the way that they relate to or manage others, leadership or assertiveness.

A number of different techniques are used during the coaching process. These can include the following: Case Studies, Psychometric Evaluation, Role Plays, Individual Reading, Discussion, Targets and Action Plans, etc.

Coaching usually takes place in 1½ hour or 2 hour sessions often lasting over a period of 8 weeks, although the timing can be changed according to the needs of the individual and their personal circumstances. We are able to provide coaching sessions in Bucharest and in other major cities from Romania as well as in other countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, America, etc.

After each session, the participant will need to practice the lessons learnt. The results of the actions taken between coaching sessions are analysed and used as the basis for the next session. Action plans and targets are also agreed in conjunction with the participant’s manager.


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