Gulf Steel Works – Pan Gulf

Premier Global`s client, Gulf Steel Works(GSW), member of Pan Gulf Holding, is a significant strategic business unit and one of the leading Steel fabricators of PROCESS EQUIPMENT & HEAVY STEEL STRUCTURE for the hydrocarbon processing industries (oil, gas & petrochemicals), Fertilizers, Process Chemical and primary utilities (Power generation & water desalination).

GSW is located in Jubail Industrial City (KSA) on a total area of 147,400 sq. meters with a covered area of 30,860 sq. meters.

Premier Global is looking for qualified and experienced people with a good motivation and English skills to match Gulf Steel Works requirements.

We are looking for the following high quality and motivated Managers and Professionals:

1. Operations Manager – Cladding

Job Description

2. Divison Manager – Structural

Job Description

3. Project Manager – Structural Steel

Job Description

4. Division Manager – Storage Tank

Job Description

5. Project Manager – Storage Tank

Job Description

For applying, please follow the next steps:

Step 1: Update your CV: It’s very important that your English CV is both up to date and DETAILED to ensure that the selection team have clear information about your skills, experience and suitability.

Step 2: View the Application Form Example and read all the comments to have a clue about how it should be completed.

View Application Form Example

Step 3: Download the EMPTY Application Form and complete it with your personal information.

Download the EMPTY Application Form

Step 4: Copy-paste your updated and detailed English CV information starting with the third page(the page where it writes “Please copy-paste here your CV”) of the Application Form document completed with your personal information.

Step 5: Rename the “Gulf Steel Works Application Form” Word document with your first and last name.

Step 6: Send the new Word document containing both your Application Form and your CV to with the Subject of the e-mail: Gulf Steel Works Application .