Head of Air Operations Department

Minimum Requirements

1. Strong international aviation industry (Flight Operations/Flight Dispatch) experience and knowledge of aviation basics (Air Law & General Operating Procedures, Aircraft Operations & Flight Planning, Meteorology & Navigation, Principles of Flight & Communications) – minimum 5 years.

2. Knowledge of aviation basics: Air Law & General Operating Procedures, Aircraft Operations & Flight Planning, Meteorology & Navigation, Principles of Flight & Communications.

3. Thorough knowledge of Middle Eastern area of flight operation (including Iraq & Afghanistan) will be an advantage.

4. Excellent verbal + written communication skills, as well as effective people management and planning/organizing skills, analytic with good judgment in time constraint situations.

5. A managerial capability to work under the pressure of various operational challenges/irregularities while encouraging the team-work and getting the best out of workforce diversity to fulfill the company’s contractual obligations.

6. Thorough knowledge of MS Office (computer literacy).

7. Fluent in English.

Duties Performed

Direct and coordinate day-to-day running of the Airline Operations Dept, help his team to sort out problems and difficulties, counsel them on operational matters when required.

Ensure smooth flight operations to meet the aim of a timely cargo delivery (involves the ability of decision-making under constraint of time, flight safety and security requirements, operational needs etc.)

Ensure that contingency plans are always in place to cope with unexpected operational irregularities that may have cargo delayed or undelivered.

Interact/communicate with Air Carriers, Airport Authorities, Handling Providers, Company Management, Contractors, etc as necessary to ensure high standards of air support service.

Monitor and assess personnel performance, organize and carry out trainings when required to ensure that personnel are technically competent to perform their jobs.

Constantly review air operations activity and address the findings (after consultations with the Management) so as to eliminate imperfections in documentation and streamline the operational procedures.

Plan meetings and work schedules within the AirOps Dept when and as needed. Travel to Afghanistan and UAE outstations when required.

Ensure that post-flight reports (PODs, Flight Logs, etc) reach the Financial Team without delays and in full format.

Encourage his subordinates to perform their duties as perfectly as possible, be proactive and committed to deliver the best air support service to the Airlines’ Contractors.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

If you would like to apply for this position, please feel free to send your English CV to contact@pgrom.com with the mention “Head of Air Operations Department” in the email title.