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Premier Global is a forward-looking British-Romanian HR Consultancy company with headquarter in Romania, Bucharest. We have an excellent expertise both in the provision of recruitment, assessment and development and a great flexibility in adapting to organizational culture and specific needs of our customers.

All Premier Global Services are tailored to the specific client needs and are always delivered in an entertaining, professional and interactive environment giving maximum and relevant impact to people and teams at all times and ensuring greater profitability and people effectiveness.

Premier Global Company provides high quality services, with a professional attitude in customer service. Over time, we have worked with many companies having different areas of activity, such as: IBM, Transylvania Bank, Heidi, Heineken, Nestle, Mercedes Benz, Idea-Perpetua, British Embassy Bucharest, The Canadian Embassy, Rompetrol, British Petroleum (BP), Saudi Aramco, ATKINS, Chevron, ADNOC, The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation, etc.

In Romania the industry of software development has become one of the most important sectors of economy. The domestic market in Romania has increased in recent years, specialists forecast to grow by 4.6% for the year.

Also, in recent years, the IT industry was the sector that recorded the most hiring reaching to hold of 5.7% of the GDP of our country in 2015.

Over time, our team of consultants was specializes in conducting recruitment campaigns (including, but not limited to) the IT industry for the following positions: Senior Software Developer, Senior Developer WPF .NET, PL/SQL Developer, ASP.NET Developer, Senior Software Developer C# .NET, Java Developer, JavaScript Developer, QA Engineer, PHP Developer, IT Security Consultant, Software Development Engineer, Web developer, Java Core Developer, PL/SQL Developer, CAD/CAM Software Applications Engineer, C# Developer, BI Developer, Node.JS Developer, Business Analyst, Backend Developer, Linux C Developer, Drupal Web Developer, Business Developer and many others.

Premier Global Back-End and Front-End Expertise is based on JAVA, Node, HTML, C#, Java Script, PHP, Angular, SQL, Ruby, CSS, ASP, Perl, Python, Visual Basic, R, GO, C++, Scala, etc.

In our company, the recruitment process involves:

1. Identify customer requirements

To start the recruitment process is necessary to find out the needs and requirements by building your candidate profile that fits your needs: knowledge, skills, personality, and ability to adapt to the new environment.

2. Promoting the recruitment campaign

Premier Global Company provides project promotion of your company through innovative tools: Social Media, job portals, specific forums for IT, Search Engines, etc.

3. CVs Database Interrogation

Premier Global Company has a database that concerns candidates in the IT Industry profile / Software Development, being in contact with numerous professionals from Junior levels to Senior Management with competence and excellent high motivation.

4. Head Hunting

Confidentiality is the main element in the company Premier Global. Our team previously conducted a research about potential candidates that match the profile requested by customers, the will directly contacting the respective candidates.

5. Interviewing

In our company, the interview process of candidates is done by several means, specially: the telephone interview, interview face to face, assess language skills: English, French, German (depending on customer requirements), testing technical skills and assessment them through psychometric tests, etc.

6. Integration into the organizational culture

We will accomplish trainings for current organizational environment facilitating the integration of new organizational culture provide an easy induction of selected candidates.

The advantages of working with our specialists in recruitment of suitable candidates to your request:


In choosing the candidate who suits the profile sought by you, our team proves speed and efficiency. You will benefit from increased attention for consolidating our consultant-client relationship into a partnership.


The company has a 10 years’ experience in recruitment. Our team of consultants has been specialized in conducting recruitment campaigns (including, but not limited to) the IT industry and the Oil and Gas industry.


We have top consultants with significant international experience in Romania, Eastern Europe and Middle East, able to provide services Recruitment, Assessment and Coaching at the highest standards.


Our company offers a team of recruitment professionals who work exclusively for your project giving you a multitude of benefits.


Regardless of our clients’ requirements, experience and expertise allows us providing solutions to a high level of flexibility, making it possible to adapt resources to customer requirements for maximum efficiency.


Using the latest tools for promoting your recruitment projects and communicating effectively with the human resources department of your company respecting deadlines, high-quality services.

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Premier Global is a forward-looking British-Romanian HR consultancy company with strong international experience in providing Recruitment, Assessment, and Coaching services to important multinational companies.

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