DIP Trainer

Minimum Requirements

1. Bachelors or Associate Degree in Industrial/Vocational Education plus 2-3 year experience

2. Proficiency in spoken and written English is mandatory.

3. Instructs trainees on Driving behaviors and techniques

4. Prepares required lesson plans.

5. Capable of using classroom instruction and visual aids

6. Administers, proctors and grades written and performance tests.

7. Observes, counsels and evaluates trainees.

8. Prepares trainee records, such as attendance, grade and progress sheets.

9. Maintains discipline, safety and housekeeping standards at his assigned classroom, shop or work site.

10. Recommends administrative actions for training participants.

11. Coordinates on-site training activities with proponent departments.

12. Makes recommendations and assists in the development, Implementation and evaluation of curriculum and training aids