Industrial Job Skills Trainer

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree (Industrial/Vocational Education or in some cases Engineering/Science) plus six (6) years Industrial experience or as a trainer in industrial or vocational skills, three (3) years of which must be in a reputable Oil & Gas / Petrochemical or equivalent Hydrocarbon companies in: Operations, Multi Craft (Electrical / Electronic / PCST / Communication), Mechanical, Machinist, Safety.

Should have a working knowledge of reputable Oil & Gas / Petrochemical or equivalent Hydrocarbon companies training techniques, methods and programs.

Proficiency in spoken and written English.

Duties Performed

Instructs trainees to terminal objectives of POI’s in complex plant systems, operations and controls.

Obtains training material, supplies, A/V equipment, tools and training aids needed to conduct lessons.

Prepares personalized lesson plans from approved course control documents (POI’s).

Adopts and/or constructs training aids.

Administers, proctors and grades written and performance tests and prepares evaluation data on trainees’ test performance.

Observes, counsels and evaluates trainees and trainers.

Prepares trainee records, such as attendance, grade and progress sheets & assists with teaching schedule preparation

Maintains discipline, safety, and housekeeping standards at his classroom, shop, or work site.

Develops performance based instruction and tests as a curricula development team member.

Recommends administrative actions for trainees.

Coordinates onsite training activities with plant personnel and selects and arranges for field trips for trainees.

Advises on utilization of material, facilities and equipment to support training.

Recommends improved training methods and procedures.

Revises training programs based upon validated feedback.

Provides input to management as requested: budget planning, facility utilization, training plans, in-service development training paths, enrollment matters, curriculum changes.

Performs as subject matter expert for curriculum writers and classroom/shop observations.

Advises other trainers/instructors as required and serves as a mentor for Saudi Arab Industrial Skills Trainers/Instructors I & II.

Provides required assistance for NITI’s On-the-Job Training (OJT), in addition to Customers’ Specific/Advanced training

Provides required data to and performs tasks assigned to him by NITI Technical Advisory Council (TAC)