Plant Inspection Engineer

Minimum Requirements:

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering or 3 year polytechnic diploma in Mechanical Engineering after 12 years schooling.

Minimum 10 years experience in a plant inspection function in the oil refining or petrochemical industry, including experience in controlling plant inspection of static equipment and plant structure records.

Very good knowledge of written and spoken English.


Inspects and assesses the condition of LNG Plant fixed equipment at the required frequency, in accordance with the Company’s construction and inspection code i.e. ASME, API, AWS, and compiles written reports on his findings and recommendations, puts in repair recommendations to user Departments.

Checks and approves structure modifications associated with plant and equipment in accordance with the Company’s procedures for such work.

Carry out inspection on Plant steel structure, gratings, roofing/canopies, and operator cabins, for the entire LNG complex, in a scheduled inspection basis to reflect RBI guideline objectives.

Provides a Workshop inspection service for overhaul of pressure safety valves, pipe-work and structural work, fabrication, etc. including hardness testing, crack detection and radiographic examinations as quality control.

Advises and recommends required repairs or replacements to defective plant and equipment and carries out further inspections after repair work to ensure conformity to approved standards and codes.

Carries out other related duties, such as keeping abreast of new technical methods of inspection, especially in the field of non-destructive testing, carrying out inspection and certification of all forms of lifting tackle and lifting machines, etc.

Sets up and co-ordinates with Plant for implementing and maintaining health and safety regulations applicable to use Radio active material.

If you would like to apply for this position, please feel free to send your detailed English CV to with the mention of the position in the email title.