Senior Electrical Engineer (Project Division)

Minimum Requirements:

B.Sc. degree in Engineering from an accredited university.

Minimum 15 year experience in oil and gas companies, including ten (10) years of outstanding project management experience for major oil/gas projects.

Computer literate, fully proficient in Excel, MS Project, Power Point, etc.

Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.


Carries out the design of the allocated electrical modification related to LNG production facilities and associated offsite. Ensure the design is to recognised industrial standards and codes.

Reviews drawings, specifications and other documents prepared by contractors / consultants.

Prepare the Statement of Requirement for contract documents and carries out technical evaluation of contracted out modifications including technical clarification to bidders through the Contracts Department.

Carries out the direct ordering and reservation from stock of all materials for the modifications, ensures materials comply with company standards and are correct specification for the duty. Performs technical evaluation of material bids including technical clarification to bidders through Procurement Department.

Convenes and minutes the Kick of meeting and ensures that all disciplines are represented. Act as its Secretary.

Responsible for collating discussing and resolving any comments or queries arising from the contractors.

Convenes Specialist meetings and acts as it secretary.

Prepares the HAZOP P&ID and introduces the proposal to HAZOP committee for HAZARD and Operability study. Takes and active part in HAZOP proceedings as instrument specialist and act as secretary in the absence of Senior Electrical Engineer.

Prepares HAZOP findings and modifications overview for review by Plant Management HSE Review Committee. Introduces the proposal and describes the findings of HAZOP and CONSOP Team to Plant Management at HSE Review meetings.

Defines the scope of each Divisions involvement during procurement and construction and pre-commissioning phases of the projects.

Assist and directs engineering, construction and pre-commissioning contract staff during implementation of the projects.

Participate in pre-commissioning checks on the completed project to ensure that construction is to the approved design. Continue to monitor project from conception through to commissioning.

Carries out Technical bids evaluation and technical clarification from bidders and finally recommend the most successful bidder from Technical point of view.

Prepares specification and design data sheet for the purchase of electrical equipment’s and accessories.

Perform and analysis of network loads for the main distribution system.

Carries out all types of electrical calculation such as cable sizing, equipment sizing, short circuits, power system analysis using computerized software such as EDSA, ETAP etc.

Co-ordinates the activities related to project execution to ensures that all design work is according to the Company’s standards/requirements.

Coordinates with the das divisions to accomplish the work and subsequent implementation accordingly.

Liaises with engineering, operation, Maintenance, Health, Safety, Environment and Integrity Divisions to ensure that all electrical work is acceptable in the projects meets Company’s safety standards and other applicable codes and practices.

Coordinates the preparation of contracts as required for approved electrical projects and modifications. Participates in pretender meetings, discussions, bid evaluations, negotiations, etc. Coordinates planning, scheduling and execution such of work and monitors its progress.

Supervises and participates in the preparation of materials and labour cost estimates and presents a totally developed proposal which includes overall costs.

Maintains contacts with vendors, suppliers and manufacturers, as necessary, for development, execution, administration or follow-up of modifications and small projects.

Arranges the review of drawings, documents, specifications, etc. of electrical work prepared for the Company by external agencies / project groups and issues comments as necessary.

Provides opportunities for training and development of employees under his direction (with emphasis on UAE Nationals) and assesses their progress. This includes on job training, counselling and appropriate work delegation.

other similar or related duties as assigned, such as preparing estimates for the annual budget proposals, advising on the selection of equipment, etc.

If you would like to apply for this position, please feel free to send your detailed English CV to with the mention of the position in the email title.