Financial Analyst

Minimum Requirements

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Accounting / Finance preferred);

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Cybernetics represents a real advantage;

3. Professional experience in financial analysis/controlling – at least 2 years;

4. Knowledge and ability to use the International Financial Reporting Standards and Romanian;

5. Ability to generate, interpret, and easily understand the Financial Statements of a company (Balance Sheets, Statements of Income, Statements of Cash Flow, and the accompanying notes thereafter);

6. Advanced Excel knowledge;

6. Good command of English language.

Job Responsibilities

1. Provide management reports and prepares financial reports according to IFRS standards.

2. Act as a link between the Financial and IT Departments in order to assure professional support in customizing the internal information systems.

3. Verify and consolidate financial accounting adjustments arising from differences in accounting treatment of Romanian Accounting Standards and financial reporting standards (IFRS);

4. Obtain, verify and consolidate, partially or totally periodical financial reports (monthly, quarterly, yearly) for management, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow using standard systems and procedures for financial reporting;

5. Participate in elaborating the monthly, quarterly and annual Financial Statements prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards;

6. Participate to the preparation, execution and analysis of the annual budget and annual budget reconciliation;

7. Prepare, verify and consolidate reports and statements that refer to documents, data and financial information related to job responsibilities, which are required by external auditor, financial institution, shareholders, investors and internal audit;

9. Prepare, verify and consolidate reports and statements required by the financial and operational management of the company.