Minimum Requirements

1. Availability to work abroad: Kazakhstan/China;

2. Bachelor’s Degree;

3. Minimum 2 years experience in a similar position; experience within oil & gas industry will be highly appreciated;

4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills (Russian and English);

5. Relevant experience in oil and gas, fabrication and machining parts inspection ;

6. Excellent knowledge of English language;

7. A friendly, outgoing personality and ability to work with individuals, groups and other organizations to carry out goals; Ability to work against tight deadlines; Good organizational and time management skills; Intermediate to senior computing skills, i.e. Excel, Word, PP; Detail-oriented; Client oriented attitude; Extensive mobility is mandatory; Stress tolerance, availability for working under pressure;

Job Responsibilities

1. Translates technical and economical documents and the materials required by the project management team:

– Perform translations (in oral and in written form), full and short translations at a stated time, proving exact correspondence of translations to lexical, stylistic and semantic originals content, meet the prescribed requests in point of using scientific and technical (drill) terms and definitions;

– Check and make any changes that are necessary in the translated materials to ensure the accuracy thereof;

– Translates business correspondence from / to Russian and English.

2. Participates in daily technical meetings and drawing up the minutes of meeting in two languages (Russian and English):

– Accompanies the foreign delegations and the project management team of the Group in business travels and provides support in solving their various problems occurring during travels;

– Participates at the request of the direct supervisor in protocol activities to conduct interpreting for the top management team and for the company representatives;

– Check translations of technical terms and terminology to ensure that they are accurate and remain consistent throughout translation revisions.

3. Takes parts, at the supervisor’s demand, in projects or intra- and interdepartmental activities having provisional character, depending on his/her role and competences, in order to contribute to the fulfilment of the team objectives.