LCC Key Controller

Minimum Requirements

1. Education:

A Degree in Engineering ( Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical)or Industrial Management.

2. Experience:

Strong knowledge of Polymer products and operations and process. Good knowledge in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

8-12 years in Operations of Polymer & Packaging/Packing

3. Fluent English language(Reading & Writing).

Job description

Assist in managing logistics for Polymer and Monomer products from packing to shipment stage with a view to meet customer commitments within safety norms.

Liase with Sales and Manufacturing to establish customer priorities, communicate information to Unit Leaders, oversee the preparation of a logitics plan, approve logistics plan with a view to ensure delivery of products and monitor normal executive.

Liaison with port authorties to get custom clearance and with transport providers to confirm timeliness of shipment and oversee shipment documentation with a view to ensure timely delivery of products.

Obtain raw material requirements for products from Manufacturing, liase with contractors to ensure timely delivery of quality raw material and oversee inventory control.