Operation Commissioning Team Leader

Minimum Requirements

1. B.sc. in Mechanical /Chemical Engineering or equivalent qualification.

2. 12 years of operational experience as plant operations of which 5 years in Senior Supervisory Capacity in the Oil & Gas Industry with good IT skills.

3. Good knowledge of written and spoken English.

Purpose and Scope

To carry out pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of the IGD Trains as per setup procedures under the supervision of Head of Commissioning and coordination with the existing plantS and Contractor/Vendor to ensure safe commissioning. Superintendents all major commissioning test runs/tests

Leads, Directs and supervises the activities of the IGD Trains during the pre-commissioning &commissioning assigned to the Operation Team to ensure the safe and efficient operations of the IGD facilities (Process and Utilities). This includes directing and supervising critical field activities and the Control Room operations, providing technical / operational instructions particularly during abnormal /trip/ emergency situations.

Coordinates/reviews/ approves operation related documents (manuals) from the contractors.

Directs / supervises Operation Day/shift Teams to ensure all safety regulations and environmental matters are addressed in line with the HSE and I&Q Division requirement.

The facilities have two identical trains with a Common utility area as follows: HAP IGL receiver and separation facilities, Feed gas units facilities with, glycol dehydration units, Amine gas treating unit facility, air/nitrogen compressors with complete unit facilities, hot oil system, pipeline pig receiver facility and flares facilities.

Duties Performed

Directs and supervises the activities of assigned to Operations Day/shift personnel on the IGD commissioning Team. Performs supervisory functions at the level established by Management.

Determines work priorities according to the importance, time constraints, logical sequences and initiates to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the IGD trains and associated facilities. This includes discussing work requirements with Head of Commissioning, job Officers from other departments determining the best course of action and ensuring its implementation.

Prepares and issues appropriate work permits in accordance to company regulations and ensures work permit procedures are adhered to.

Leads and directs IGD project teams during pre-commissioning and commissioning activities and superintendents major test runs/tests.

Leads and directs Operation controllers to ensure major equipment are commissioned safely and efficiently prior to operation also ensure that the operating procedures are correctly and consistently applied.

Coordinates and liaises with other departments regarding work activities in assigned units.

Leads and directs IGD Project Operations team during emergencies.

Assumes the responsibility as incident controller in the field and lead the activities in case of an emergency situation e.g. gas leak or fire. Controls and direct sub-ordinates in isolation of equipment to bring situation under control. Initiates /leads search and rescue if required in emergency. Supervises application of first aid necessary is correctly administered prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

Ensures that the required communications and information is circulated to respective operating teams throughout the IGD project Includes directing and guiding Operation co-ordinators / operation controllers and supervisors.

Controls, monitors and directs opportunities for training and development of employees under his direction (with emphasis on UAE Nationals) and assesses their progress

Inspects and directs the monitoring status for all units within the area, to ensure that equipments are maintained in the best condition in relation to safety and performance giving emphasis to minimise environment emissions and flaring.

Directs and leads Day / shift operation teams in the application of the ADGAS HSEMS system processes under his ownership. Promote HSE awareness among his team and maintain good safety standards during activities by other departments.

Performs other related or similar duties as assigned including technical reviews of modifications and changes to operations documentations/Manuals/Operation Procedures.

Supervisors and reviews/approves all the commissioning activities, test runs, procedures of the IGD project.

Identifies all interface issues with ADGAS existing plant, ADMA-OPCO and GASCO to ensure no shortfalls exist in operation to ensure safe operation


Reports to Head of Commissioning. Work according to technical established procedures, professional standard approved programmes and recognised good plant practice.

Completed work is subject to infrequent review by Head of Commissioning / Head of process.

Supervisory Responsability

Supervises: Leads the operations commissioning Team (14 senior level and 15 junior operators)