Plant Integrity Specialist


To maintain and improve the manufacturing facilities in compliance with safety standards and requirements
To supervise and lead a team consisting Senior Supervisors, Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, Coordinators, Administrators, Controllers and Programmers where applicable base on actual organization set up in order to provide engineering support to operations and maintenance activities and to support the execution of CAPEX project based on the particular section’s job scope of work, in compliance with safety standards and requirements. Furthermore, to assure a high level of inspection engineering is applied to an area of responsibility to maximize the complex equipment safety, operability and reliability. In addition, to recommend cost effective repairs/replacements to process plant equipment, piping and facilities permitting extended life cycles. Also ensures that a high standard of quality is maintained during all new constructions and plant modifications.

Minimum Requirements

1. Education:

A first degree in related engineering or related science disciplines from reputable universities

2. Experience and Competencies:

More than 20 years of working experience (preferable more than 20 years) in corresponding engineering field in refinery or petrochemical with min 8 years in tech managerial positions to provide correct tech solutions timely

Proven Knowledge and experiences in the in-charge field(*2) as well as general oil & petrochemical plants practices

Sound knowledge on safety requirements, risk evalaution and environmental policy for this industry

Knowledge of unit processes and operations of plants, cost control and business management

Results oriented leader with strong determination & lead by sample with willingness to work based on business need

Demonstrated technical problem solving skills especailly for complicated issues and under plant emergency conditions

Decision making ability with sound technical logic / judgement and risk evalautions skills and team work

Technical oriented leader capable to lead and guide and develop the team for the area of in charge

Team leadership and capability of working under multiple culture envirornment & capability of resolving conflict

Good communication skill under

3. Responsibilities:

Operations Management:Oversee and improve all engineering related activities in the assigned section to ensure timely engineering support to MFT, Maintenance, contractors, Marketing, and Corporate Planning and others as appropriate to ensure minimal downtime in plant operations

Technical Quality Management: Review and approved Technical documents with high quality and correctness under the assigned section based on establsihed Roles and Responsiblity of the department. Oversee & undertake regular audits of engineering work assigned to the section to ensure compliance with internal requiremenst on timely response and soundness.

Procedures & Compliance Management: Review and consolidate engineering procedures under the section from time to time for revision and enhence, supervise the execution with complaince of establsihed company and department procedures to prevent miss-operations and human errors in daily engineering works.

Cost Management:Implement cost saving activities as per Section’s cost saving plan, and management the sectional operation cost with due deligent

Safety Management: Ensure assigned Section’s engineering task and related acativities meet corporate safety and environmental policy and standards in order to minimize risk of industrial injuries and un-wanted incidents

Human Resources Management: Conduct performance reviews of subordinates and liaise with Human Resources to finalize staff development program and training needs to further enhance individual potential and contribution to the overall company’s performance

Plant Improvement: Improvement need on the manufacturing facilities for more safety and competitive plants through trouble shooting, Engineering work request, CAPEX and other means, under the assigned section

Specific assigned task: Carry out any specific assigned tasks by the company/ department on timely and effectly manner and achive the required results with best efforts and team work spirits.

AIM programs management : Assumes responsibility for all inspection related activities in the assigned area or function. Guides and directs Unit Inspection Engineers & supervisors in all aspects of their inspection engineering duties. Prepares overall and comprehensive inspection reports and resolves major problems related to material failures, high corrosion potentials and quality concerns. Recommends and implements material upgrades and modification to process equipment and revise inspection engineering. Also, Assumes responsibility to organize computerizing of all inspection records and to issue Equipment Inspection Schedules (EIS) and T/A Worklists for the units in the assigned area. Coordinates and acts accordingly in liaison with Operations, Maintenance and Process Groups to ensure timely equipment inspections are planned, executed and proper repairs are effected. Ensure all Inspection programs are developed implemented & monitored effectively, such as but not limited to the following:
Heat Exchangers Inspection program
Dead leg inspection program
Injection points inspection program
Fired heaters inspection program
IR Thermography inspection program
Civl inspection program
CP inspection programs
Wet H2S inspection program
High Temperature degradation inspection program
Nipple inspection program
RBI program
PIW program
Cooling tower inspection program
Stack inspection program
External inspection program
Corrosion monitoring program
Corrosion control inspection program
Coating inspection program
QA/QC management program
PMI program
Welder monitoring & tracking pprogram
Tank inspection & management program