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The complete guide for a successful career. Are you at the beginning of your career? Do you have difficulties in getting a job? Are you preparing for a career change?


Premier Global Team will expose you a complete guide to facilitate your access to a successful career. We will present you advices for identifying and follow an ascending track in your career and how to create an impactful CV, instruments and ways to identify suitable career opportunities, advices for interview presentation and how to behave at a new workplace.

How do I choose my career?

Choosing the career could be for many of us a very difficult and stressful process, from which, in many cases, we end realizing that what we are currently doing is not what we really want to do. This is having multiple causes, among most frequently ones are the pressures from family and friends, financially conditioning, lack of information and not choosing a professional Career Counselling service.

Below we present you a set of steps Premier Global Team considers elementary in choosing your career.

Step 1: What really matters for you?Step 2: What skills and competencies do you have?Step 3: What type of personality do you have?Step 4: What background do you have?Step 5: Do you need Career Counselling?

How can I have an impactful CV?

Your CV is the strongest instrument in drawing employers` attention and obtaining a face to face interview so it is recommended your CV to match the following characteristics:







Your CV should reflect your experience and expertise in a professional manner, to offer relevant information, to put accent on your strengths, to be fluent, without any formatting and grammar mistakes and very well structured. Your CV should be seen as an instrument to obtain an interview and a job, being very important that after the screening, the interviewer to want to meet you personally. Our team provides you for free download a CV template which you could use in creating your ideal CV.

Where to look for job opportunities?

Once you decided on the job you want and you consider you have the necessary experience, expertise and the right personality for the job, you have a great professional CV, then is the moment to identify job opportunities. Premier Global Team has a strong experience in Recruitment so we are able to recommend you the following channels where you can find available jobs:

Recruitment Agencies

Jobs Web Portals

Social Networks

Professional Associations

Conferences and Events

Besides friends and connections who can recommend you to apply for a specific company, there are the possibilities to identify job opportunities by sending your CV to Recruitment Agencies, creating profiles on recruitment web portals and specialized websites such as LinkedIn, affiliation to specific relevant associations and also Networking to different conferences and events. It is very important to have initiative and to approach specific companies to introduce you to potential employment opportunities.

How do I have to present to an interview?

The interview is the decisive step in which the interviewer choose the most suitable candidate for a specific position. There are many people with excellent CVs, great experience and expertise but who are not able to convince during the interview. Premier Global Team offers you several advices to ensure the success during the interview:

Step 1: PreparationStep 2: RehearsalStep 3: PresentationStep 4: FeedbackStep 5: Relationship

What do I have to do to my new workplace?

A new workplace comes with new responsibilities, new colleagues, new organizational culture and new challenges. It is very important to try a smoothly integration in the new organizational culture by getting to know your new colleagues, procedures, written and unwritten rules and to get familiar with the new environment. Also, you need to demonstrate to the employer that the choice in selecting you was the right one so fulfilling objectives at the highest standards of quality and performance, initiative and a proactive attitude is recommended.


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