Psychometric Testing

The means to know your people`s skills and abilities in depth. How well do you really know your top employees? When recruiting, do you sometimes wish that you had real specific knowledge of a person’s potential strengths and weaknesses? Do you need a catalyst that spurs your people on to develop themselves?


Psychometric Questionnaires are excellent tools for understanding your people in depth. They can be used either to add significant extra details in assessment situations, such as recruitment and promotion situations, or to provide the foundations for development planning. Premier Global often uses these questionnaires in combination with other services. They are excellent, for example, for adding value to coaching sessions, training courses, etc.

Our Psychometric tests can measure a wide variety of skills, traits or attitudes, including:







Questionnaires in which Premier Global is licensed includes: PAPI, CPI, Hogan, 16PF, Assessor, OPQ/SDI

There are 2 types of questionnaires:

Personality Questionnaires are those which measure personality traits, such as whether a person is inclined to be sociable or whether they are naturally organised. Ability Questionnaires are those which measure the limit of a person’s capability and typically cover areas such as IQ or mathematical ability.

Questionnaires can usually be accessed over the internet and typically take 30 – 40 minutes to complete. Following completion, a report is automatically generated, which is then interpreted by a Premier Global specialist. The report can then be retained by the participant so that they can refer to it as needed in the future.

Premier Global provides face to face solutions for interpretation of the questionnaires either in Bucharest, a major city in Romania or in any country in Europe, Middle East, Asia or America.


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