Shift Supervisor

Minimum Requirements

1. Completion of Technical Secondary Education (12 years) and higher diploma (ATI graduate or HCT) in relevant field or equivalent.

2. 8 years of operational experience as plant operator, including 2 years as a senior operator in the Oil &Gas Industry on the DCS.

3. Good knowledge of written and spoken English, with ability to communicate clearly and concisely on plant radio or other communication means.

4. Basic ability to write/ draft new procedures prior to implementation.

Purpose and Scope

To carry out pre-commissioning and commissioning activities on shift of the IGD Trains as per setup procedures under the supervision of the Operation Shift Controller in coordination with the commissioning team and Contractor/Vendor to ensure safe commissioning.

Post commissioning –Directs and coordinates the activities of the IGD trains with plant operators and senior operator to ensure production targets are achieved. Identifies maintenance requirements and where immediate action is required organises the necessary personnel to carryout preparation work.

Coordinates with the Operation Shift Controller and supervises the activities during Major Shutdown s. Supervises the re-streaming of the plant equipment as required.

Controls the operation of the IGD trains from the control room. Directs field operator/ senior operator to adjust process conditions to maintain stable conditions. Monitors a complex control panel for designated areas comprising of intricate individual control loops, sequences and logics plus associated alarms as indicated on the DCS.

The facilities have two identical trains with a common utility area named:HAP IGL receiving and separation, Feed gas units facilities, glycol dehydration units, Amine gas treating unit facility, air/nitrogen compressors with complete unit facilities, hot oil system, pipeline pig receiver facility and flares facilities

Duties Performed

Controls and coordinates the operation of the plant areas from the Main Control Room, according to the instruction received and operating constraints. Leads the shift teams from the Main Control Room due to the knowledge and understanding of the complete process and equipment and ensures that the necessary immediate corrective action is taken to prevent production loss.

Liaises with the senior operator in the field to coordinate activities and control of the integrated units.

Maintains continuous radio contact with shift area operators on his assigned plant area to keep them informed of operating conditions, instructs the operators during manual adjustments of equipment and conveys instructions given by the Operation shift controller.

Ensures all equipment are in safe conditions during train trip and subsequently progresses re-streaming as directed. This involves closely monitoring complex instrumentation for long periods of time and an ability to control many systems simultaneously and by utilising disparate attentive skill, recognise their effect Trains operations

Participates in the testing of the automatic shutdown/protection systems. This includes bypassing trip circuits when individual systems are tested, minimising time of trip negation to ensure plant safety is not jeopardised. An error of judgement during this operation could result in a Train shutdown or production loss.

Maintains a control panel log sheet and assists in maintaining a shift log. Coordinates closely by telephone/telex contact with ADMA-OPCO and GASCO regarding gas supplies and or other related matters including taking necessary actions to maximise capture.

Maintains accurate records/logs of the trip switches and process alarms when bypassed for maintenance or other activities.

Directs and coordinates the actions of senior operator and area operator in the routine operation of the IGD Trains to ensure production targets are achieved. Assesses where production constraints exists and implements remedial action to maximise production.

Identifies source of problem and initiates action during periods on unstable operation.

Leads and directs the activities during a Train start up or shutdown and often has to work with minimal guidance when work load is high.

Coordinates the testing of the automatic shutdown/protection system. In radio communication with area operator, bypassing trip circuits when individual systems are tested, closely monitoring plant conditions and ensuring that testing is completed quickly and efficiently to minimise the period instrument protection is negated.

Checks all essential plant equipment in his area during his shift. Checks all area operator logs to ensure that essential information is being correctly recorded and that all operators are aware of the operational changes and their consequences.

Supervises the safe and efficient operation of the plant in accordance with the agreed safety and operational objectives and procedures.

Ensures equipment isolation during emergencies, full knowledge of fire fighting and rescue operation with regular training on the use of breathing apparatus and first aid.

Ensures the preparation of equipment for maintenance and also ensures the correct use of operations procedures with strict observations of the permit to work manual.

Carries out other similar or related duties such as maintaining close liaison with other shift supervisors to ensure smooth plant operation.

Provides “hands on job” type of training and coaching for all UAE Developees as assigned to him.


Reports to Operation Shift controller.Work according to technical established procedures and approved programmes. He is required to use initiative when dealing with changing process conditions and emergency situations. Completed work is subject to spot check and direction.

Supervisory Responsability

Financial: Ensuring safe and efficient operation will have impact on production target.

Manpower: Provides work direction to 5 Area Operators and Senior operator in his shift.