Training Center Manager

Minimum Requirements

1. Education: University degree in Business Management or MBA.

2. Experience: Several years as Trainer or Manager; Training experience or strong ability of developing trainer competencies; Ability to match up training programs target group orientated; Experience in selling trainings; Ability of enthusiastic knowledge transfer; Well developed conflict management; Well developed presentation skills; Leadership Experience (3 to 5 years).

3. Computer Knowledge: Ms office(Advanced), SAP.

4. Languages required to be known: English(native or highly advanced) ; Desired: French, German, Arabic.

Job Purpose: Managing the training center and steering of training requirements to improve quality of client`s engineers and set standards for an effective operating organization.

Competencies required:

Performance Competencies

Vocational Skills: being able to use up-to-date – and if necessary also detailed – expert knowledge; incorporating far-reaching experience for relevant tasks; ensuring quality by applying expert knowledge and experience

Methodical Knowledge: systematically analyzing and handling problems or processes using appropriate methods: project management, problem-solving techniques, moderation and presentation techniques.

Entrepreneurship: striving for outstanding performances; having the overall well-being of the company in view; assuming responsibility in accordance with own competencies; thinking outside the (functional / regional) box; dealing responsibly with the company’s (financial) means (as if they were his own).

Customer Competencies

Customer Orientation: knowing and understanding the requirements of internal and external customers; maintaining a close relationship with customers, to understand which next step would be the correct one; taking customers seriously; being honest and engaging.

Initiative: initiating, pressing ahead with and completing customer-related activities; understanding changes as opportunities; overcoming hurdles; having courage to try out something new; placing the solution to a problem in the foreground.

Quality: ensuring the specified quality using the means available; eliminating errors or quality defects that occur as quickly as possible, and avoiding them being repeated.

Social Competencies

Communication: speaking a clear language; expressing oneself clearly and giving substantiated answers; presenting content simply and convincing with coherent arguments; being able to listen actively.

Collaboration: building up and making use of networks (knowing who to address for what purpose); passing on relevant information and knowledge; ensuring the flow of information; giving constructive feedback and obtaining feedback from others; perceiving conflicts and contributing to their solution.

Empathy: seeing things through the eyes of others and understanding and tolerating their point of view; treating others fairly and with respect; recognizing the consequences of one’s own actions for others; knowing what is required and appropriate when dealing with other cultures and adapting to them.

Leadership Competencies

Taking decisions and implementing them: taking logical and timely decisions; being also capable of taking unpopular decisions and assuming responsibility for them; adopting the approach of „what is right?“ rather than „who is right?“ (or “what would be the simplest solution?”).

Acting Strategic: developing clear ideas about the future of one’s field of responsibility; formulating targets and delegating binding tasks to one’s employees, guiding and ensuring fulfillment of objectives; handling changes proactively and convincing one’s employees that changes can mean opportunities.

Promotion and Development: supporting employees in their development through constructive feedback; recognizing potentials of co-workers and promoting them; granting them further room for manoeuver; identifying deficits, agreeing measures to improve them and following up; motivating employees effectively.

If you would like to apply for this position, please feel free to send your English CV to with the mention “Training Center Manager” in the email title.