Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the jobs open by Premier Global?

Premier Global is currently working with many important companies from oil and gas, EPC, engineering, design and construction companies in locations such as KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Kazakhstan, China, South Korea and Europe.

Among Premier Global clients with active jobs we can mention Saudi Aramco, KazMunayGas, Chevron, Hyundai E&C, Atkins, etc. To see all the open jobs, details about the projects, positions and Job Descriptions and how to apply your CV, you could see the section Available Jobs

What are the benefits for applying my CV to Premier Global?

Premier Global has an excellent reputation among both important international clients from oil and gas and EPC sectors and candidates as an efficient, prompt, people orientated Recruitment Agency, with professional, experienced, upright and devoted people.

We are among the leaders in Romania and Eastern Europe regarding the size of the Recruitment projects and the volume of open positions. You will benefit of detailed information, professionalism, reliability, promptitude and a high number of career opportunities.

How can I apply to a job I am interested in?

If you consider your profile is matching the requirements of our available jobs or you would like to send your CV to be registered in our database for future career opportunities, we provide the following alternatives for application:

You can send your detailed English CV to the email address with the mention of the desired position in the email title.

Who will keep me updated with my application?

Your application will be processed and registered by our Recruitment Team Leader in Premier Global who will keep you updated with the status of your application, career opportunities, and other relevant information.

To check the status of your application or to find details about specific projects, you can contact us on:

When do I receive feedback?

Our team will try to keep you updated with the status of your application and you will be contacted when there is a specific opportunity to have a Telephone, Skype or face to face interview with Premier Global clients.

To check the status of your application, you can reach Premier Global Recruitment Team Leader on Email:

How the interviews are held with Premier Global`s client-company?

Depending on our clients` preferences, we will organize either telephonic and Skype interviews or face to face interviews through the recruitment campaigns we are organizing in Romania or in different European location or in the region of our clients.

Our team will inform you regarding logistics, infrastructure and communications aspects to facilitate and ensure a smoothly conduct of interviews. After the interviews, you will be informed immediately or in a short time regarding the feedback and if this will be positive from both parties, we will be starting the mobilization procedure.

What is the mobilization Process?

If after the interview with Premier Global clients, you will be selected, our team will start the process of mobilization which consists in signing the contract between you and the company, certifying your documentation, obtaining the work visas, medical check-ups, booking fly-tickets, offering detailed information, including cultural and orientation training, if needed.

Depending on the country of our clients, the mobilization process could take from 2 weeks to 1 month. Our team will assist you through the entire process to facilitate your mobilization in our client location and to ensure your security and safety.

What are the financial benefits and rotation?

Each Premier Global client offers contractual packages depending on the project, location, position and industry. Premier Global will make all the efforts to ensure you will benefit from the best financial offers, insurance, accommodation, non-financial benefits, cost discounts and convenient rotations from our clients.

Our clients offer attractive salary packages with multiple financial and non-financial benefits, permanent contracts, relocation, family status, rotations 28/28, 56/28, 84/28, etc. The offers are made depending on the limit for each position, candidate experience, diplomas, certifications and working location.

Are there any costs I should consider?

Each project is unique but we try to minimize as much as possible candidates` efforts and costs. There are projects where all the expenses are covered by our clients and some projects where the candidates need to cover the costs with the certification of their documents but these cases are rare. In case there will be such expenses, those will be agreed together with the contract.

Premier Global do not perceive and will never perceive commissions, material on non-material benefits from candidates to facilitate their employment with our clients.


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