One-to-One Assessment

Discovering and developing your people`s strengths and weaknesses. How do you know which are the high performers in your team? Do your people have development plans? How well do you know the individual strengths of your people? How do you know what your people should be concentrating on for their development? Do you have people with specific issues which need to be resolved? How do you decide who to promote or recruit? When promoting someone, how do you know the areas they need to develop in order to be successful in their new role?


All these questions can be answered through Premier Global One-to-One Assessment. One-to-One Assessment tests people in critical work situations, using a variety of techniques such as role simulations and on-line personality questionnaires. By undertaking tasks which are close to reality in their job, the participant appreciates for themselves their own strengths and weaknesses, enhancing their own commitment to change. Results pinpoint a person’s performance in precise behaviours, allowing a development plan to be created quickly and easily.


One-to-One Assessment is an extremely useful instrument that will bring value and a multitude of benefits to your organisation:

1. Testing2. Development3. Demonstrating Skills 4. Accurate Evaluation5. Commitment to Change6. Feedback for Coaching


Below is the Premier Global`s One-to-One Assessment Process, that can be adjusted to your organisation`s specific needs and requirements.

Step 1: Establishing the PurposeStep 2: Criteria to be TestedStep 3: Assessment Design Step 4: Communication to ParticipantStep 5: AssessmentStep 6: Feedback and ReportsStep 7: Review


A number of different techniques can be used in One-to-One Assessment, providing accurate and measurable results. Based on your particular needs, below are several examples of instruments and techniques that could be used in One-to-One Assessment.

Personality Questionnaires

These can be administered online and provide a sound base of a person’s personality and how it affects their performance at work.

Ability Tests

A range of tests can be used to assess a person’s intellectual capability, providing data on an essential part of a person’s make-up which is directly related to their effectiveness at work.

Role Simulations

(With or without professional actors) Participants are given a difficult problem scenario and are required to demonstrate through a simulation how they would react. This provides outstanding data for development and allows real discussion to take place on how specific issues, such as motivating staff. can be dealt with effectively.

In-tray Exercises

Participants are provided with an in-box with a number of e-mails which have to be responded to, all testing different aspects of performance at work. This tool assesses organisational capability as well as having the flexibility to assess a person’s response to both technical and people issues.

Strategic Presentations

The participant is given a broad based business situation and asked to present their strategy and plan for dealing with it. This is an excellent tool for identifying analytical skills and strategic capability.

Competency | Situational Interview

Interviews are conducted based on the participant’s capability in solving difficult problems at work. This is an important part of the process as it is the only one which deals with actual past performance which, in itself, is an important indicator of future potential.


One-to-One assessment offers the opportunity to assess a person’s skills by seeing how they perform in reality when given a difficult problem, as opposed to relying on a subjective and theoretical judgment. It allows data to be obtained from a wide variety of techniques, enabling behaviours and skills to be accurately identified, helping both with their development as well as for the organisation to understand their overall effectiveness.

The programme is tailor made to the business situation (even if off-the-shelf content is use) allowing the design to be adapted according to the organisation’s needs and budget. The result is an outstandingly clear picture of a person’s performance in individual skills, enabling development and assessment to be based on accurate and objective data.


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