In Romania, the IT industry has become the largest generator of jobs.
2014 was a successful year for companies operating in IT revenues amounting to € 4 billion, which increased by 26% compared to 2013.

Major cities in Romania where it operates most IT companies are Cluj and Bucharest, and in third place was Iasi. The number of jobs is increasing so that in 2014 the number reached 75,000 IT specialists.

The Romanian capital, Bucharest is known as the largest generator of jobs, providing 50% of jobs in software development industry. IT sector revenues of 6% of GDP, namely 40 billion RON.

Experts estimate growth in the IT industry for 2015 by approximately 14%, and for the next three years it is estimated that the average annual growth will be 11%. The forecast for 2016 in terms of software services company revenues amounted to three billion.

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Annual growth rate

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In Romania, the number of IT specialists is decreasing, something that concern large companies. Therefore, a considerable number of companies have developed partnerships with universities in the country offering students interested in scholarship and internship programs for their improvement.


Increase the salary of a specialist has started since 2005. In 2008 was increased the boom of salary with 32 % by the previous year.

An important factor in IT is that an employee of the software is exempt from tax by 16% in Romania.

In 2014, the number of specialists in software industry had grown to 75,000 joined by 17,000 specialists PFA (authorized person).

It is expected that the necessary of employers software development industry will reach 300,000 specialists.

The salary of a specialist IT in Romania starts from EUR 500-800 € for a beginner and reach up to 1800-3000 € for senior software developer.


IT industry in 2015 was declared the most productive industry in Romania, generating revenues of up to 4 times in total income in the economy.

2015 was a year of growth and development for the software industry in respect of large companies in Romania.

According to a report conducted by specialists, the value of Romanian companies in the IT industry is 2.2 billion €.

In 2015,the city Cluj has known as the most important in the software industry.

A total of 20,000 young people working in software development sector in the city Cluj.

More and more investors are attracted by the software development sector, which is a productive sector.

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